Maurício José Gargel is an audio engineer working professionally since 1998.

He graduated from the MFA in Recording Arts and Technology at Middle Tennessee State University where he developed a research project in multichannel audio reproduction. 


His first successful experience with surround music happened when he recorded and mixed harpsichordist Rosana Lanzelotte playing original works of chamber music written in Brazil. The album was the first of its genre to be produced in surround and won the Bravo Awards in 2009. His on-going efforts to understand and promote the idea of “space” in music has been very rewarding.

In his recent past in the United States, Mauricio has collaborated in several musical projects with talented jazz producer George Petit. In particular, the tribute to Scott LaFaro by bassist Phil Palombi and the debut album for guitarist Drew Zingg. Also, he recorded outstanding musicians such as: Vinnie Collaiuta, Will Lee, Jim Hoke, Mike Payne, Jeff Rouch, Michael Douchette among other great players from Nashville.  

For the most part of 15 years, his dedication to audio was sincere and constant. Yet the differences between the professional field and the academic domain, he always found a way to integrate both worlds. His determination to understand every detail about the audio profession motivated him to teach. Mauricio teaches classes on music recording techniques to beginners, helping them to acquire critical skills for a successful career in audio engineering. In 2011 the AES Educational Foundation awarded Mr. Gargel the first Emil Torick Scholar Award for his demonstrated talent and achievement at MTSU.

In Brazil his technical expertise helped to establish one of the most recognized courses in audio engineering. Mauricio worked at the Institute of Audio and Video (IAV) and restructured the Pro Tools courses. He actively developed a new methodology and implemented effective teaching techniques that are currently in use.

Maurício maintain a personal collection of audio equipment that he uses in his recordings. His collection includes unique sound processors and vintage microphones in perfect working conditions.

 Maurício Gargel audio mastering